Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Slavery in the North American Colonies

Agenda 10/18-19:
  1. I added an defined two vocabulary terms that students will need to know for the quiz next class. the 3/5ths Clause and The 13th Amendment. 
  2. Students read from A People's History of the United States, answering these questions.
Vocabulary Quiz Fri/Mon 10/20-23 

Monday, October 16, 2017

The Triangular Trade

Agenda 10/16-17:
  1. Students read about the slave trade and answered a series of questions.
  2. Students worked on defining a series of vocab terms for the unit on Slavery.
  3. Students discussed the following claim, "When European slave traders arrived in Africa, Africans sold them African slaves. Therefore, Europeans can’t be held fully responsible for the institution of slavery."
  4. Students drew a diagram of the triangular trade in their notebooks.
  5. Students began writing mini-bios of people at different points of the Triangular Trade.
Bring Zinn
Vocab Quiz Fri/Mon 10/20-23

The Atlantic Slave Trade

Agenda 10/10-12:
  1. Students viewed a series of images and a film clip depicting the Atlantic Slave trade. They wrote a reflection after viewing and discussing the materials [below].
  2. Students were given a list of vocabulary terms to define and be familiar with. There will be a quiz next week.
  3. Students read about the Slave trade and how it effected people in the Northeast of the United States.
The Slave's Journey: